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“Well, that sounds like a neat idea, but it’s potentially dangerous. Very dangerous.”

“Here comes the humanitarian Henry. I know what you are going to say,” said Charles, “you are going to say the one solution for any problem is: meditation.” …

Green tea and tea set. Watercolor illustration by Lu Zhang. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The topic of healthy diet was frequently brought up when I dined with Italian friends, probably because I illustrated one of my father’s dietetic books on eating to prevent cancer. …

As water can float a boat, so can it swallow the boat. — Chinese proverb

My previous article about “democracy” seemed to have interested some friends. I thought it would not be fair to criticize without putting my own opinion out there. So here I am.

Growing up in China, I did not spend my young age participating in heated debates of political issues. In…

Great article! It's so well written, and has many useful points. Thank you for sharing! While reading I couldn't help wondering: why if I genuinely want to please everybody and make everyone like me? What if the authentic me is a people-pleaser ? :D

The Parthenon of BooksCelebration of the Accomplishment of the Collection of Forbidden Books, Friedrichsplatz, Kassel, documenta 14
with Marta Minujín, 2017

I was born in China in the early 80s and moved to the United States in my early 20s. I have been living in the so-called western countries since. An important question that comes with the cultural shock was and still is: What do I think about “democracy”?

Here is how we started.

Lu Zhang

Artist based in Lyon.

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